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Everyday life is becoming more and more about living your life online; a big part of this is social media.  Social media touches every part of our lives today from dating to music and business to sport.  It is even more important to someone who is trying to sell products, a service or just raise their profile, that their social media is consistent and relevant.


There are many marketing objectives that businesses use social media for, but to be successful and achieve real results you must put lots of time and planning into your social campaigns.


Also added to this are multiple social channels which all have their own idiosyncrasies.That said, if you do get the social mix right you can be massively successful and achieve whatever you want.


Golf Professionals and social media

All golf professionals lead busy lives, be it a Club Professional, Teaching Professional or Tour Player, trying to keep on top of your social media is very difficult.

If you are a Club professional, we know that you have many plates spinning at any one time – stocking and maintaining it the shop, organising staff, playing tournaments, coaching, keeping members happy, club repairs and the list goes on.

Finding time to devote to your social media

That is when we step in.  We will learn about you, your business and your social media objectives. We then take this information and create your social campaigns and launch them to achieve your goals.

The team at igolf-Pro will manage all of your social media commitments for you giving you the time to do other things. We can even set up new accounts for you if you haven’t had time to do so yourself. We know sometimes that social media can be a scary place if you don’t know where to start, that’s why we are here – to help. 

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